Patent Registration

A patent protects inventions. Once you get a patent on your design or invention, you can prevent anyone from copying your patented work without your permission.

What can be Patented?
  • Art, process, method or manner of manufacture.
  • Machines, apparatus or other articles.
  • Substances produced by manufacturing.
  • Product patent for food, chemicals, medicines and drugs.
Patent Search:

A patent search is a preliminary process before filing/applying for a patent. Before such a right is granted, there is a rigorous check on whether the process or product is inventive/ novel.

Provisional Patent:

Provisional applications are generally filed at a stage where the invention is not fully complete. Therefore, filing a provisional application allows the applicant to get an early application date. A complete specification has to be filed within 12 months from the date of provisional.

Non Provisional Application:

An application for patent filed in the Patent Office without claiming any priority of application made in a convention country or without any reference to any other application under process in the office is called an ordinary application. An ordinary application must be accompanied with a complete specification and claims.

Patent validity:

20 years from the date of filing for a provisional or permanent patent, the patent falls into the public domain.

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